Why Business Should Care About Mobilegeddon?

2016 Google Updated Free Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

2016 Google Mobile Friendly Update

If you site tests poorly in: Google's Free Mobile Testing Tool please contact us and/or watch the videos below for more information.
  • We are currently offering to fix this for most sites in 48 hours or less, Starting at $100 (Limited time offer).

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    How to Fix a Non-Mobile Site?
    (Updated 4/22/2015) (The Eye of The Storm)

    If you site tested poorly in the tool above, we provide the next steps. Who, when, how and how much to updgrade a site that is not ready for the Google Mobile Update.

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    James Honts
    Phone: 1.563.484.4060

    What is Mobilegeddon? (Intro.)

    This is an update that Google is rolling out on April 21st, 2015. If your website is not mobile friendly it will NOT be shown on Google. If you have not heard about this update affecting all websites, watch this introduction. More detailed information about responsive/adaptive and what Mobile Friendly means. Most importantly, how do you know if your current website works well on smartphones, etc., and how to fix your site.

    Mobile Friendly In Detail? (Testing your site for free.)

    So what is mobile friendly, and how do you test or find out if your site is ready for the new Google Updates.

    Test your site: Google Mobile Website Testing Tool