About HD Web Design & Marketing

Why we are different

  • We are paid for performance.
  • We do NOT sell SEO or traffic. We are paid based on targeted leads for your business driven from your digital assets
  • Our proprietary system averages 200%-800% returns. Not a $500-2000 invoice every month
  • As Small Business Owners we understand that at the end of the day ROI and profits are what matter. Not ranking for useless keywords or spending hours getting convoluted technical explinations of why it will take longer to recoup your investment.

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    The Founder
    As founder of Honts Desings & Internet Marketing of The Quad Cities, I have been serving the needs of local, national and the occasional internationl client, since 2003. Although I am a native of the Quad City Area; Muscatine, I moved to Silicon Valley shortly after college. After spending a decade doing web development contracts for 3COM, Cisco Systems, Google and a few start ups in the Bay Area, I began doing freelance development.

    My family moved back to The Quad City Area in 2003, and I started the design firm as a simple web design company. Since then Honts Designs has grown into a "Transitional Marketing" company; Providing turn key digital solutions.